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Equine Physiotherapy

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 Regardless of your horse’s discipline, or whether they are a performance, leisure, or senior horse, every one of them can benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps to improve performance, restore movement, reduce the risk of injury and also improve overall quality of life.

 Due to their resilient nature, subtle changes in your horses behaviour or performance may indicate they are in need of a physiotherapy assessment. This could present as lack of bend, inconsistent in the contact, reluctance to engage, refusing jumps, or a change in temperament.

Regular physiotherapy can highlight any minor problems or asymmetries before they become a more chronic problem. Along with this, physiotherapy can treat a large variety of soft tissue injuries such as ligaments, tendon, muscles, wounds and scars by promoting and stimulating the healing process.

How can physiotherapy help your horse?

Physiotherapy considers the horses body as a whole, rather than just focusing on the individual aspects of an injury.



  • Preventing any subtle issues becoming substantial

  • Improving core strength and posture

  • Increasing fitness

  • Supporting joints

  • Reducing risk of injury

  • Increasing performance and suppleness

  • Minor wounds, bites or kicks

  • Muscular asymmetries

  • Poll tension

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Ligament sprains

  • Tendon injuries

  • Splints

  • Locking stifles

  • Behavioural changes

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Fractures

  • Sacroiliac conditions

  • Kissing spines

  • Muscle strains and tears

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Initial Consultation

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Taking a detailed history of your horse, along with any concerns and goals.

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Your horse will then be observed both statically and dynamically. Along with a complete physical examination including palpation and joint range of motion.

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Key findings will then highlight the focus of our treatment and rehabilitation. A variety of appropriate manual therapies and modalities will be used.

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A comprehensive report with bespoke post treatment plan, and exercise prescription will be formulated, dicussed and sent to you.

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